Mountain teleHEALTH

Did you know you can now see your provider from the comfort of your own home?

To make it easier for you to get medical care, we’re offering virtual visits. This means you can talk to your Mountain Health Network provider from home. It’s fast, easy, and convenient — all you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone and a strong internet connection!

Benefits of Virtual Visits

Care At Home

Private & Secure

Easy To Use

Schedule a Virtual Visit

If you’d like to book a virtual visit with your provider, or check if an existing appointment is eligible, our team can help! Ask about virtual visits at your provider's office. Just like you would schedule a visit in person, call your provider to ask if they can schedule a virtual visit.

How Does a Virtual Visit Work?

All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a strong internet connection and a camera and speaker.

    • Step 1: Before your visit, we will send you a text or email with a link to join.
    • Step 2: Enter your name and phone number, then complete a quick guided tech check to ensure that your device, camera, and microphone are ready.
    • Step 3: You will then be brought directly into the visit where you will wait for the provider to join. The visit starts when both you and the provider join. While you wait, the screen will say “You’re Connected. Please wait for others to join.”

You can invite family members to the visit to participate in your care journey and chat with your provider using the buttons at the bottom of your screen. If you encounter any issues or have been waiting for a long time, call your provider’s office for assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive more than one invitation from your provider for your telehealth visit, please enter the most recent. After you have joined the visit, if your provider does not appear within 10 minutes, please notify the provider’s office.


Tips for Your Visit

      • If you plan to use your cell phone for your teleHEALTH visit, review the Pre-visit Checklist for Mobile Devices.  If you plan to use a computer or tablet, test the audio and video for your devices.
      • Choose a quiet, private space with good lighting.
      • Check that you have a strong internet or cellular connection.   
      • Make sure all applications are closed on your device so you can connect to your visit easily.
      • Set your device up at or above face level and sit in front of a simple background, such as a plain wall or door, so your provider can clearly see you.
      • Consider using headphones in case there is unexpected background noise.
      • Remember to look directly at your camera instead of the screen.
      • Note that a visit should never be launched while you are driving or operating any kind of vehicle.
      • Please do not eat food during your visit and if possible, try to limit other background noises.
      • You may invite a family member to join you or assist in your visit. 
      • If you track vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight or blood sugar at home have those ready.
      • Have your medication list and any refill needs available for review if needed.
      • Have questions prepared and report any difficulties you are experiencing. 
      • Determine if your next follow-up visit will be virtual or in office. 
      • Take notes if needed. Have materials ready. 
      • If you become disconnected during the visit, go back to the invitation text or email and click on the link to re-join.

If you encounter any issues or have been waiting for a long time, reach out to your provider’s office for assistance.

Tech Support

Please contact your physician’s office if you are unable to connect. For those experiencing connectivity issues, please review our troubleshooting guides below or the technical requirements mentioned in the 'Schedule Your Virtual Visit' section of this website.

Still have questions? Call our Tech Support Hotline at 1.833.392.0637. For questions about MHN teleHEALTH Services or for assistance making a connection, please contact Mountain Telehealth at 304.526.1899.

Urgent Care teleHEALTH Appointments

If you have a need for urgent, but non-emergency care beyond the normal business hours offered by your provider, Mountain teleHEALTH also offers Urgent Care virtual appointments. Just click the button below to be connected with an online board-certified provider.

Click here to connect with a board-certified provider.